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Aon the 19 year old street slut

September 6th, 2013

Thai Slut Loves Big White Cock

The minute I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to get it on with Aon. 19 year old Aon was wandering the Bangkok streets late one night when she offered her services to me. With a cute face and a rock’n body, I couldn’t resist. Oh and she mentioned not only did she love sucking cock, but she also was okay with a facial. Sold! So I brought Thai Teen Aon back to my room and immediately had her remove her clothes and show off her sweet teen body. Holy crap what a package on this Thai Tart. Nice and perky Thai titties on Nympho babe Aon one and a spectacular ass that perked up just right while she was sucking my cock. I so badly wanted to plunge deep into her vaggg-gine that I almost shot my load then. Thankfully I was able to hold off from cumming long enough to fuck Aon in several ways before finally dumping my jizz all over her mouth and face.

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Asian Suck Dolls Blog – Free Thai Sex and Porn Previews from AsianSuckDolls! 2012-10-08 17:19:50

March 5th, 2013

Fucking hookers! Kim is a whatever and she works at whatever and to sum it all up….whatever. Her phone kept ringing over and over even after requests to turn it off. I think it was her farang boyfriend calling to make sure she wasn’t sucking cock. And she wasn’t, technically, since she was doing an awful job of keeping me aroused. But, then my phone rang and it was old school Asian Suck Dolls model Fon who was in the area and wanted to stop by. I explained the situation and she said she’d happily finish the job for a few extra baht. Within minutes Fon was at the door, then on the floor wrapping her pretty lips around my growing cock. It only took a few minutes of suction power from this professional Asian cocksucker and I was shooting my load onto her tongue. Asian Suck Dolls members get FOUR full exclusive movies of Fon sucking cock!

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Tera Lee Is A Tease

June 13th, 2012

Tease Me Tease You Tera Lee

This is a really big photo set on my website I had a lot of fun shooting it and the photographer and I just got carried away and he kept taking pictures;-0) I think he was enjoying my show so much he just did not want to interrupt me and say done, while I was happy being naughty in front of the camera he was happy to keep clicking away with his camera. On my site it is called Hallway Tease and that is a perfect name for what I was doing;-)

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Fishnet Stockings & Nipples

March 11th, 2012

My Nipple Is Trying To Break Free

This yellow mesh tops conceals nothing, everything is their for all the world to see and you do not have to try very hard to see my beautiful filipina nipple showing threw the mesh top. You can also see my small Asian breast with their little pink nipples trying valiantly to escape the confines of the yellow mesh top and poke through to the freedom they know is waiting beyond. They look like little flower buds trying to reach the sun light:-) On my website this sexy photo and matching video is simply called Yellow Fishnet.

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Burgundy Dress & Little Black Panties

February 25th, 2012

My Little Black Panties Are Showing

I look so sweet and innocent in this beautiful photo, I love this burgundy dress and will often wear it shopping. It is more like a sun dress that you would wear to the beach or swimming, normally it is something you would find sexy but when I am wearing it and I am in a playful mood then it does look sexy on me. Can you see my little panties that are just starting to show as I straighten one of my legs out? I love being a model and I love both men and women looking at me with lust in their eyes, it gets me wet, real quick:-) On my website this photo set that also has a matching HOT video that goes with it is called Burgundy & Black. Burgundy because of the dress and black for my little black thong panties that I wear but not for long as you will see when you view the completed photo set or video:-)

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Teen Asian In Leopard Swimsuit

December 11th, 2011

Tera Lee Sexy As Hell In Leopard Swimsuit!

This it a beautiful and awesome photo set that I did recently, I really love the look of this full piece, leopard design, swimming costume on me. This complete photo set was recently posted on my website The photo set is taken just in the doorway of the shower and it adds to the atmosphere of seduction. I get really naughty in this photo set and especially the video, you will get to see me playing with my tight bald filipina pussy. I get wet just thinking how naughty I was that day:-)

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Sexy Thai Pussy!

June 20th, 2011

Look how fucking sexy this tight teen pussy is! Well “is” I now “was” after her tight Thai pussy get a good stuffing from a  fat white cock at Asian Suck Dolls. When he was done pounder her little teen pussy he pulled out made her suck her pussy juices off his cock and then shoots his juices all over her pretty little face.

What A REAL Facial Looks Like!

June 19th, 2011

Completely slanted eye Thai girl experienced the joy of getting fucked by a white cock. You ever watch Asian porn with Asian guys?, they have small cocks and never cum enough to fill a baby spoon. So I gave the right cock to suck, gave her the right fucking, and definitely gave her the right amount of cum all over her pretty Thai face!

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Half Indian Half Thai Babe!

June 9th, 2011

21 year old Indyah is half Thai / Indian and is one of the horniest Thai girls I’ve ever met! So Indyah called me up the other day and said she needed help … she couldn’t stop sucking cock! Which si def not a problem for me, SUCK AWAY!

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Lily Thai Porn Star

April 13th, 2011

Lily Thai Blue Eye Porn Star

I just love Lily Thai, I think she is so beautiful with the sexiest body and to me she is the HOTTEST adult actress in the world today. I could never do what Lil Thai does but I have a lot respect for her. Don’t you just love the way the blue in her eyes sets off her face? If you want to see more of Lily Thai and other HOT Asian porn stars and models you need to drop by my blog.  That is the website that has the HOTTEST Asian girls on the net.

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